New Week Resolution – Week 1

Here are some quick items I know I want to get done this week.

1) Set a budget for the family and continue tracking it for this week.

2) Schedule appointments to look at houses upcoming weekend.

3) Get my car cleaned.

4) Do push ups every single night.

5) Get caught up with laundry and cleaners.

6) Get through the work week with a positive attitude.

7) Do not spend money on eating out (exception Friday lunch).

I have the remainder of the week to get all of this accomplished.  Of course, I do not want this to interfere with spending time with wife (priority #1), spending time with kids (A & Z), and doing all the regular chores of the household when I get home from work.  I know to be able to get all of this done, I will need to find additional time in the day or sacrifice time that is usually when I am doing something else.  I will provide progress updates, obstacles, achievements on a weekly basis.

Max 11.11.2013


New Week Resolution

Damn, how I hate myself for realizing how long it’s actually been since my last post?  After officially getting married, life has definitely thrown me some curve balls, as it usually does, and has gotten in the way of my blogging.  I woke up this morning, groggy, tired, wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of the day in bed… but after my shower and drive in to work – well I decided to take a new view on this week.  Instead of a New Years Resolution, I made a New Week resolution for myself.  My resolution is to sort through my Things To Do List and organize/prioritize and obviously do as many as I can.

My busy time is kind of over as of end of last week since we got our 10Q report filed.  We had family events, birthdays, get together that took up family time.  My mom was out of town on vacation for the past two weeks.  As I mentioned, the marriage had a few curve balls thrown at it which gave Mrs. Z and I some time to reflect on what is our next step in life.  What I really want to make sure to do is be able to get back to providing advice, feedback, guidance on how to make life work for you – specifically marriage, being a parent, being healthy, and trying to enjoy each day.  If you aren’t enjoying each day, than in turn I believe you are wasting each day which is unacceptable.  Now trust me, I have bad days too – more often than I would like.  But I keep trying to improve this.  I keep working toward making each day count.

Let’s go back to the topic.  New Week Resolution.  The more I think about it, the more I realize what a great concept that could be.  The problem with a New Years Resolution is it is too long.  Most people can start New Years Resolution, they get excited about getting fit, or eating more healthy, or working harder, making more money, starting a new hobby.  The list goes on and on.  Well after some time, this resolution seems too far away and a majority of the people – I would guess to say 99% quit or give up, or perhaps adjust their resolution.  Well, what if, instead of year resolution… I create a new weekly resolution.  Each week, I can either continue to get something done OR create a new one, or adjust an old one, or add on to the Resolution List.  I can review how I did each week, reflect and move forward.  Here is the best part, if something didn’t work, you can start again next week.  If your new years resolution didn’t work, most people feel no obligation to start until next year.  If we do this on a weekly basis, perhaps the results will vary.

I’m excited to share my weekly resolutions with you and my progress of what I can get accomplished.  One of the resolutions definitely being that I will be sharing more.  Look forward to any feedback, responses and ideas for New Week Resolution.

Max 11.11.2013

Back to Work after Honeymoon

As I mentioned yesterday, I am officially a married man.  My wife and I took our four night honeymoon in Mexico (more on this in another post), we came back to hang with the kiddos for a couple of days and get settled back home and yesterday it was the all dreaded back to work day.  Surprisingly enough though, it was not nearly as bad as previous back to work days.  Does this mean I actually like my job?  Does this mean I was rejuvenated from all the time off and was ready to get back to work?  Does this mean I was tired of spending every waking moment of my life with new wife?

No matter the reason, it was definitely a long first day back.  I did not turn on my laptop at all, did not look at any work including work emails so turning on my computer for the 1st time in 11 days was a bit overwhelming… watching your email inbox just exploding with emails over such a long stretch of time off.  I had notes of stuff to go through from management, there will multiple people missing in the office which made me wonder if there was additional items I needed to look at from them as well.  My head began to spin.  After sitting there for a few moments in silence and chatting with my manager about my past week, I gained the courage to stand up and get my 1st cup of coffee of the day.  It was official, I was back at work and back to reality of everyday life.

I devised a game plan to tackle all the emails and prioritize them, put together a list of things to do over the next few days, and most importantly caught up with my boss over any important items I may be missing.  Once I had this done which was at least a couple of hours into the day (lunchtime), I felt a great weight lifted all my shoulders.  I realized this was all manageable and it wouldn’t be as bad as I had envisioned.  As the day continued, I was able to plow through a lot of items and check things off my list.  The day was over.  I was back at work.  It wasn’t so bad.  I had imagined something much worse in my head after having so much time off.  After reflecting back on yesterday, I believe I really did feel rejuvenated from my time off.  Now that the wedding was over, all the stress from that was gone.  I was anxious to leave the kids for the honeymoon, but that anxiety was now over.  And coming back to tackle all the home things that we have procrastinated on, well it just wasn’t that bad.

I believe it was all just built up in my head and there was nothing to worry about at all.

Max 09.17.2013


Wake Up & Create More Time

As we continue to do this blog which I have really enjoyed, I keep thinking to myself how I wish we had more time to do this.  I decided over the past few weeks since we have started this that I really enjoy writing, and hope to get better at it and be more entertaining in my posts.  I love that I can provide advice to relationships, having kids, being healthy and just enjoying life.  I love to get feedback so as we continue to do this, I will keep striving to obtain more followers so I can continue to spread what I believe will be the best blog for advice around.  I believe the key to this is persistence, determination, consistency and patience.  Plus of course continued kick ass advice!

So the question is if I love doing this so much, why don’t I spend more time doing it?  How can I make more time to myself for writing?  How can I spend more time reading others blogs and providing my feedback?  Well, my time is limited, I know this.  I’m at work trying to be the best employee, following by being home attempting to be the best Dad, and finally trying to be the best husband to be to my significant other to make her life easier by helping her do the daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, etc.  So with a full plate, when am I supposed to have time to write?  As I thought about this on my drive in to work, I think I may have figured it out.

I need to wake up the heck up.  I need to wake up much earlier than I do right now.  My usual morning routine is waking up an hour or so earlier than I am supposed to be at work.  This gives me enough time to shower, get ready and drive to work.  I came to the realization that if I can wake up earlier, I can create more time for myself.  I constantly hear society complain about not having enough time.  “I don’t have enough time to work out.” “I don’t have enough time to cook dinner, so I pick up fast food.” “I don’t have enough time to practice piano and do what I inspire to do.” 

So what now?  We need to take action.  We need to not just talk about it, but do something about it.  So I may be busy all day but I am definitely not giving everything I got in the morning so waking up an hour or two earlier, getting to work earlier or sitting on the laptop at home and spend some time just writing/reading.  By doing this, I believe you to satisfy yourself in whatever you like to do, for me it will be writing.  For you, it can be working out, making a dinner dish in the morning, reading a book – it can be anything you don’t have time for during the day but it needs to be “your time”.

I found a great article I listed below on tips to waking up early by 

I also listed a few other articles that I found interesting related to this topic.  So let’s do this together, wake up earlier, track our progress, be more productive and live life to the fullest and doing the things we love.

08.28.13 – Max