New Week Resolution Week 1

Mid week update.  I set some goals for myself to achieve this week.  It definitely has been a productive week, but as the week approaches the half way point, I feel a bit off balance today.

I’ve been productive at work with mostly a positive attitude.  I’ve been getting home at normal time and going through the normal evening routine of being Dad, dinner, bath time, clean up and bedtime.  I’ve made a few phone calls regarding per-qualification of mortgage approval to get additional estimates and comparative balances of what type of home we can afford.  Last night we had our oldest daughter Special Parent night where we got to see her preschool friends and chat with her teachers.  But something just seems off.

I hate having days where it seems like I’ve been doing everything right all week, but just feel drained, exhausted, overworked, tired.  I hate not appreciating each day.  I hate using the word hate.  I can’t seem to figure out how to make the most of everyday.  Perhaps some days are just not the best days and I have to accept it and move on.

I hope to have a stronger 2nd part of my 1st week resolution to really accomplish all my goals I set for myself.  I’ll end this on a positive note, I’ve written 3 posts this week.