Quick Tip – Follow Through

Yesterday I posted about waking your butt up earlier to create more time for yourself during the day.  There can be various reasons why you may want to create time for yourself.  For me right now, it’s to be able to write, it’s to be able to share and do what I love.  But instead of just words, the most important part of any plan is action.  I am proving my action right here.  I went to bed 4 hours ago and when usually I’m getting up at least an hour later, I am up right now.  This is my follow through from the goal I created yesterday.

So no more excuses.  Don’t just talk the talk, I want you to walk the walk.


Site Update

Since this morning, I have upgraded our account to have a real website (Woooohoooo!!!) – we are officially TillBlogDoUsPart.com

I have also created a Twitter account to be followed  @tilblogdouspart

I have posted my opinion on getting your butt out of bed today and am working on so much more.

I also got news that it has been a productive day for my future wife to be in less than 2 weeks as she is finalizing things for our big day on September 6th.

It’s a pretty darn good Hump Day thus far so I think w/ all the updates I am working on, you should definitely be one of the 1st ones to follow us.  : )


Quick Tip – Laundry

Laundry folding is terrible.  Nobody likes to fold laundry.  A couple of tips to make laundry a bit more bearable.

Listen to music while folding laundry.

Take quick minute breaks to do exercises when folding laundry to get the heart pumping.

Listen to audiobook on tape.

Watch television in the background.

If you have kids, make a game out of it by having them help you.

Laundry isn’t so bad after all.